High Mercenaries Guild Information.

This is the full guild information.
This information sets out the guild's Rule's
All guild members on All rank's, should follow these rules!
If members do not follow these rules, then they might get removed from the guild.

This information will be reviewed and might be edited by the guild leader from time to time.

Remember we are all here to play the game for ourselves & not for others.
This means
Do Not Expect things from other members.
- Don't beg members for items, gold or boost's.
- Don't pressure other members into doing things with you.
You can ask for help and you will find many guild members who will help you
but do not expect them to(-) because they are not here to play the game for you.

If you have any serious concerns or problems with the guild or any of its members,
then please speak to the Guild Leader or a guild Officer about it.

Guild Chat

  • • Please right click on your chat tab (in game) and select "Settings" then enable "Officer Chat".

  • Be polite to other members & don't be shy to help each other out,
    use guild chat for trading crafting socialising & making groups.

  • • Keep bad language to a minimum during the day & early evening,
    yes there is a language filter but it is still not nice to see "@#$!~" all across your chat.

  • • SPAM? Spam only if you need to & Please do not make 'useless spam' in the guild chat.
    Try to keep spam to a minimum. If you are looking for people to join your group,
    help you quest or craft you something,
    then check the guild roster in game to see who is online.

  • Remember people are busy playing the game & busy in real life
    so if you do not get an answer straight away, try not to get frustrated by it.

  • Using bad language directly towards another member in a bad or nasty way
    might get you demoted or removed from the guild.

  • • Bullying people in any way will get you removed from the guild without warning.

Guild Rank Permissions and in game roster.

  • Guild roster Note's,-

  • Officers +plus their Alt's can set notes on members, on the in-game guild roster
    and should do so when they promote members up from the Recruit rank.

  • • All Officer's should confirm that the Alternate character is theirs,
    from their main character, real-id or on teamspeak-
    before it is promoted.

  • • All Officers can /ginvite members to the guild.
    If you would like to join the guild or invite your friend or alternate character to the guild,
    then please speak to a guild Officer.

  • • All Officers can promote demote & remove member's from the guild and they are free to do so at their own discretion.
    (but it might sometimes be best to consult with other officers before you promote or remove someone.)

  • If the guild hits the member cap (1000 characters)
    some inactive members may be removed by the guild leader to allow more active members to join.

  • • If members do not come online for long periods of time they will be demoted to Recruit
    and eventualy removed from the guild by the Guild Leader.
    This is in line with blizzards Guild Leader De-Throne system.
    see here for more information
    (please note that this info link is to the us.battle.net Not to the eu.battle.net)

  • • Guild ranks may be changed by the guild leader as needed.

Guild Bank

  • If you can not withdraw or deposit items from/to the guild bank, ask an Officer to help you.

  • • Don't put junk into the Guild Bank nobody wants it! Please vendor your own junk.

  • • Gold, The guild bank controls do not allow the guild leader to
    set it so that you can not deposit gold,
    so you can always contribute gold to the guild bank but that is your choice.
    Do Not ask for gold from the guild bank.
    The guild leader's will chose what the gold is used for.

  • • Guild bank Repairs, allows members to charge repairs to the guild bank at repair vendors.
    The guild bank repairs Perk will be turned on or off at the guild leader's choice
    following the advice of the guilds Officer's.

    [note] Unfortunately the bank repairs perk spam's the guilds money log
    so unless blizzard change this, when it is used we can not see who is contributing to the guild
    and we can not see exactly what is happening with the guild's cash flow.
    The guild can earn an average of 5000 gold per week from the Cash Flow perk
    but it can also use over 1000 gold per day on guild bank repairs when they are turned on.

  • • The guild bank controls allow the guild leader to set
    a daily withdrawal allowance for members on each guild rank
    so for Example the leader can set it so that -
    members on the officer rank can take 10 stacks per day from tab 1,
    &/or 5 stacks per day from tab 2, etc..

  • The guilds bank tabs are always changing depending on the stock and the level
    plus 'gold value' of the items the bank contains.

    Because of this and to stop people from taking items from the bank to sell them in the auction,
    you might not be able to withdraw items from the guild bank.

  • • Guild Banks are to store and save things of value in,
    but people have different idea's about what items are worth in wow
    & some people throw worthless items into the bank.
    Because of this and to stop the guilds bank from becoming like a low level rubbish bin full of grey label items
    or stockpiles of useless mats that nobody wants, you might not be able to deposit items into the guild bank.

Guild Event's

A lot of the members in the guild want to do the end game raids and pvp
Some of them are serious about it and have requested that some simple rules be set out for guild events.

If you wish to lead or take part in Guild Events then please follow the guidelines below.

An event is thought to be a guild event when it is posted as a guild event on the calendar
or when it will be a 'guild run' which grants guild xp and guild achievements.

for more information on guild xp please see the following links..
(note that's to the us. wow forum not the eu.)

Posting guild events...

  • Only post guild events that you will lead.

  • • Only post guild events from the character you intend to play on to lead the event.

  • • Guild Event's posted to the in game &/or the forum calendar Must have...
    - a start time & in the description you Must state the time zone (GMT, or GMT+1) that you are referring to.
    - a description of what you will be doing.
    - if possible please state the expected time duration or end time for the event if you post it for an early time of day.

  • • If your event is using private invites but will be a guild event,
    then please Create a Guild Announcement for the event, on the in-game calendar
    so that the guild knows an event will be in progress.
    When you do this it will also show the event on the Guild tab of the guild interface below the short event news feed.

  • • Check your start times with the guild leader &/or the Officers before posting guild events to the calendar
    and try to post them 2 days or more in advance.

  • • Please set a second event administrator on all events.

Joining guild events...

  • • Accepting calendar invites and signing up for guild events...
    - Only accept a calendar invite or sign up to a guild event if you know you will be able to attend
    - if you are not sure if you will be online then click tentivate
    - if you know you can not attend click decline or don't sign up

  • • Only the guild event leader or mod should start inviting members to the group.

  • • The start time posted on guild events is the time the Group invites will start...
    - the event leader or mod will use the calendar to mass invite the group.
    - If you accept a calendar invite from a guild member or sign up to a guild event,
    then Please do your best to be a few minutes early to the event
    so that you are ready for the mass invite from the event leader.

  • If you can not attend or if you miss an event that you have signed up for on the in game calendar,
    then please mail the raid leader in game as soon as you can.
    (if you are the raid leader then please cancel the event if you know in advance).

    [note] If you let people down often then they might not want to come to more events with you,
    so please try not to let people down.

  • • If the event is a raid of end game content or rated pvp,
    then you might be required by the event leader to pass the Character Audit on the /advanced tab of your armory page.
    Guild event leaders must state in the event description
    if they wish for you to pass the character audit, to be eligible for the event.
    The Character Audit feature on the wow armory makes recommendations on how the character can be improved.

  • Be prepared...
    - if the event is a raid that has tactics you can help the raid a lot if you read up on the boss encounters
    on the in game dungeon journal or watch some YouTube video's

    - if you think you might need some extra buffs (potions, flask's, food)
    then please get them ready before the event is due to start

  • • Loot rules and the loot system to be used must be decided on at the start of the event
    by the event leader and group members and should be fair to all.

  • • If a raid event has to end before the raid instance or lock is completed
    and the group wish to continue at a later time &/or date,
    then Invite priority should be given to the members who attended the original event
    for the current raid instance or lock.
    (unless they are offline at the start of the continued event.)

  • Loot Ninja's will be removed from the guild.

Please Note...

If members do not follow this information,
then they might get removed from the guild by the Officer's.
If this happens and the person would like to come back to the guild,
then the person will be requested to read this information
and speak to the Officer(s) that removed them, to be considdered for a re-invitation.

Remember we are all here to play the game for ourselves & not for others.

If you would like to discuss this information or suggest changes to it,
then please do so in the Guild Information. thread on our Guild's Forum.



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