The Bully Macro for World of Warcraft

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The Bully Macro for World of Warcraft

Post by Ronjambo on Tue May 22, 2012 5:09 am


here is the Bully macro for World of Warcraft
made by ronjambo

this macro is intented to be fun.
so dont go around bullying people as it can be upsetting-
only use this macro on people who will see it as a bit of fun,

i dont want to encourage bullying at all, this is just to show what a macro can do.

name: Bully Macro

/run y =(UnitName"target")
/run r1 ="gives "..y.." a titty twister!"
/run r2 ="gives "..y.." a wedgie!"
/run r3 ="gives "..y.." a wet willy"
/run r4 ="takes "..y.."'s dinner money!"
/run p ={r1,r2,r3,r4}
/run SendChatMessage(p[random(1,4)], "emote")

you must 1st target a player monster npc or companion for the macro to work

the macro will add your targets name into a random emote,
these are the 4 random messages that this macro will publish in the emote channel

Ronjambo gives Giant Sewer Rat a wet willy
Ronjambo gives Giant Sewer Rat a titty twister!
Ronjambo gives Giant Sewer Rat a wedgie!
Ronjambo takes Giant Sewer Rat's dinner money!

in the example i was targeting Giant Sewer Rat
(please note Giant Sewer Rat was not offended or hurt in any way)

play around with it, change the words and create your own random emotions
or you can change the "emote" to "say" or "yell"
to push the random message to the say channel etc..

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