5.0.4 update help.

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5.0.4 update help. Empty 5.0.4 update help.

Post by Rowanmother on Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:36 pm

This YOUTUBE VIDEO was on facebook today. thought it may help clear some things up. its about the new patch tomorrow. new talents and the account wide stuff.



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5.0.4 update help. Empty Re: 5.0.4 update help.

Post by Ego on Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:37 pm

Patch is shit but we have to be openminded i hate the talent tree that isn´t very customizable. But so far it looks good and i have to say that the druid got a big buff in healing and i think they will take over the tophealing shammys allso looks good aswell as pallys. Tankwise the druid is tricky compared to how it used to be, many of the passive talents has become active such as savage defence that i have to see to that its up all the time but i think i will like it when i learnt it. The warlock is sick ahri facerolled 30k ++++ dps Ron aint happy about it but i think he will cave after a few days Very Happy Ill record a dungeon and post at yotube so he can see how it rocks.

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5.0.4 update help. 92149_1f10d4913accdd8f

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