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Post by Rowanmother on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:36 pm

Okay,this is just advice MY advice, as my personal pet hate is raiding. Not 'cos its hard... Because that's how it's supposed to be. But because people change when it comes to raids, nice people become vile human beings and patient people start 'kicking' members. There is really no need for this so my advice follows:

  • Firstly remember, wipes happen. They just do! but they are more likely if you get too tired, too hungry or thirsty or don't take a if you need to take a breather, just ASK. Chances are, others will want a break too. Take a deep breath and Keep calm if you feel anger bubbling. People getting arsey, insulting or nasty will make it unpleasant and uncomfortable for everyone else. You may have done this fight a million times with another group, but this may be the first run through for someone in 'this' group, someone may be having problems out of game in *gasp* real life! and sometimes, it might just be a bad day. take a deep breath, count to ten and try tomorrow!

  • Next, i find that people tend to be more 'forgiving' if you admit you have never been in a raid or dungeon before, it can be rather embarrassing to admit out loud to the group/party or guild whatever. There are things that you can do to prevent the eye-rolls or *sighs* and that simply is to prepare. Pick a friendly guild member and ask if they have done the raid you are going to, if they have, feel free to ask them about it. 99% of the time, they wont mind helping you, especially if you aren't in the raid at the time. Find out the bosses you will be attempting that night, watch the videos, and if you have to... take notes(I have books and books full from other games I used to play.)

  • Use the web! World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, and you need an internet connection to play. You may not know this, but you can use the web for things other than WoW or pawn (yes, I am aware of that particular spelling. LOL) there are hundreds of websites to assist you, if you are unsure of what website you should use, have a look on the links on this forum, tried and tested, we wouldn't steer you wrong, there are sites about your class, help you get the best of your alt, with talent tree and glyph advice, gear, gem, enchant and reforging.

  • Next use the advice you have been offered or the info you have gained, make sure you practice your rotations, make sure your gear is FULLY gemmed and enchanted, (even if you haven't got the best kit, make sure you are putting everything into the raid you can.) you might not like the idea of gemming and enchanting an iLevel 359 pair of legs, if you are going in to get a pair of 397, but trust me, it will be appreciated by everyone else if you have put that little bit of effort in. Take food for their buffs, health and or mana potions, flasks and anything else you may need so you don't have to leave once you have all been summoned.

Last but not least, bring your raid head. Its awesome being in a fun group where everyone chats, and giggles between wipes, but you really should have more than 2 tries at a boss in 30 mins. Keep your sense of humour, and have a laugh, but remember, its important that you try your best and do your job if you make it onto a raid team.

HOPE THIS HAS BEEN HELPFUL. Embarassed sorry it was so long, any comments welcome.
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