Rogue Weapon Poison Macro's

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Rogue Weapon Poison Macro's Empty Rogue Weapon Poison Macro's

Post by Ronjambo on Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:07 pm

these macro's will make applying the poisons to your weapons a little bit faster
and it will not click the confirmation box for you also
if you do not use the poisons that are in the macro's
then just change the poisons name

MainHand Poison

#showtooltip Deadly Poison
/use [modifier:alt] Deadly Poison
/use [modifier:alt] 17
/use Deadly Poison
/use 16
/click StaticPopup1Button1

OffHand Poison

#showtooltip Crippling Poison
/use [modifier:alt] Crippling Poison
/use [modifier:alt] 16
/use Crippling Poison
/use 17
/click StaticPopup1Button1

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